Artist Name: Frank Petronio
Tumblr: http://frankinstan.tumblr.com
 Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, Barre , Vermont, 1987, 4x5 Polaroid Type 55

A quiet mosque in Palestine, 1926.Photograph by Jules Gervais Courtellemont, National Geographic Creative

ice breakers
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Nam vandaag een wandeling

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Little Diomede (Yesterday Isle)   Halfway between Siberia and Alaska, in the Bering Strait, lie the Diomede Islands.  The islands are about 2.4 miles apart and are separated by an international border as well as the Internation Date Line. Big Diomede is part of Siberia, while Little Diomede (above) is considered U.S soil. Big Diomede is also known as Tomorrow Island, while Little Diomede also goes by the name Yesterday Isle. Because the International Date Line lies between them, the time on Tomorrow Island is 23 hours ahead of Yesterday Isle.  Read more here

El Jem | Tunisia

Upside Down by Diana Ross on Grooveshark
Heute bei der Trendlektüre: Respectfully i say to thee // I’m aware that you’re cheating.

Big Sur Surf | California, USA

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Zo hip

Meghan, NYC